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Version(s):Centurion XVI
Cost:Free for academic use
Website(s):StatGraphics Home Page
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License Restrictions:

StatGraphics is available to OSU Faculty, staff & students for institutional purposes and may be installed on home workstations.

PLEASE NOTE: The software expires on June 30th each year (after an extended grace period of the contract renewal date) and must be renewed by the end user by requesting a new activation code directly from StatGraphics.

StatGraphics is paid for by Technology Resource Fee (TRF) funds.

To comply with the license agreement, this software must be removed from personally owned computers once you are no longer employed at OSU, or are no longer a registered student. It is illegal for you to utilize this software once you are not associated with OSU.

Effective July 1, 2010, only version XVI will be renewable. Anyone still using XV or previous versions will need to upgrade to XVI.


To run StatGraphics you must have a Pentium or equivalent computer and:

  • Windows 98 or later (Centurion XVI is supported on Windows 7)
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM required (if installing by disk)
  • Minimum 100 MB hard disk space
  • Internet access recommended

NOTE: The online registration process for XVI  will work only with @oregonstate.edu or @onid.orst.edu email addresses.

Also, once you get your activation code, you need to re-enter your information on the activation screen, including the serial number (if you have exited that window before receiving your activation code) - otherwise, the software will not activate correctly.

StatGraphics Centurion XVI Install Guide

PLEASE NOTE: Once you leave the university, you must remove all site-licensed software from your personal computers.  Any valid licenses on your work computers may be transferred to another employee.


Questions?  Email Angela O'Neal, the Software License Coordinator, or call 541-737-3848.