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Version(s):ArcGIS 10.2, 10.1 and 10.0
ArcPAD 10.0.4
Cost:Faculty cost is divided yearly by usage per departments
Students - 1 Year Free Education Edition
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License Restrictions:

Esri products are available to OSU faculty, staff & students for use in education and research only (not for commercial or for-profit use). Students will receive an ArcGIS Desktop and Extensions Student Edition - One Year Educational Use License for use while taking GIS-related courses or programs as described on the Student Home Use page.

NOTE: The Student Edition Does NOT include Esri Technical Support – the faculty/staff providing the GIS-related courses or programs which utilize this software will need to provide help to the students.  The Software Coordinator will provide installation support only.

PLEASE NOTE: ArcGIS 9.3 may still be downloaded by special request.  Please make a note in the additional comments area of your order form. ArcGIS 9.3 keyless licensing is NOT supported on Windows 7 or a 64 bit system. You may run ArcGIS 9.3 with a concurrent version (logged into the OSU licensing server during use).  You can get more information on this at the Esri support site (also see system requirements for ArcGIS 10). If you are trying to install ArcGIS on Windows 7 and are having issues, please see their discussion thread on the issue for possible solutions.


OSU has a site license for many of the Esri products (click here for products available with our site license). The license is paid for by an annual maintenance fee. Each college manages it's own contribution to the maintenance fee. The choices range from paying at the college level down to the project level. Let your department head and dean know the value of having this software. The renewal occurs each May.

If you are interested in using Esri products please do the following:

Most of the Esri version 10 Windows software is mounted on the distribution server SOFTDIST, and UNIX CDs are available upon request when requesting Esri software. To get access to download and install software and/or obtain license keycodes for ArcGIS Desktop products for UNIX and NT, please fill out the information on the Esri request form accessed by the Order button below.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you leave the university, you must remove all site-licensed software from your personal computers.  Any valid licenses on your work computers may be transferred to another employee.


Questions?  Email Angela O'Neal, the Software License Coordinator, or call 541-737-3848.