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Cost:Basic Access: $170.00/room/year
Hosted Access: $350.00/room/year
Phone Bridging Costs: $0.049/minute/caller (Contact: MeetingOne)
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Contact:Software Licensing Coordinator 541-737-3848
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License Restrictions:

Each individual Named Host has the ability to host a meeting with up to 100 total attendees on the Adobe Hosted platform.

Named Hosts may create an unlimited number of meeting rooms, however, the Named Host can only use one of their rooms at any one time and rooms cannot be accessed unless the Named Host is present. 

Named Hosts must be individuals, not groups or generic logins, and a Named Host license cannot be shared between more than one individual.


Solution Components

  • Adobe Connect for Web Meetings addresses a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing to mission-critical, real-time collaboration, and allows your teams to work more efficiently, increasing productivity and helping reduce costs.
  • Adobe Connect for eLearning provides novices and experts alike with the capability to create and deliver compelling, self-paced online courses, conduct highly interactive virtual classes, and efficiently manage training programs.
  • Adobe Connect for Webinars enables organizations to increase attendance, boost response rates, and generate more interest through rich, engaging, highly interactive online events.


  • Web-based virtual conference for up to 100 attendees per meeting.
  • Communication via VOIP, integrated phone conferencing, and chat.
  • Download and present PPT, SWF, JPEG, MP3, or FLV files directly from your computer.
  • Screen share any application or document on your computer with meeting participants.
  • Use a whiteboard overlay, share files, and open Web Links within a meeting room.
  • Create questions to poll participants during a meeting and broadcast results live.
  • Allows for synchronous or asynchronous viewing of meeting content.
  • Ability to broadcast video.
  • Optionally: “Hosted Access” license – provides rights to publish content files directly to the Adobe server. This stores them in the Content Library for more rapid sharing of large files and more efficient shared hosting.

Getting Started

Sharing Recordings

All recordings in Connect 8.2 are set to private by default. Before sharing your recording with others, you must change the setting to public (JPG) in Connect Central so that everyone can access the URL.

Training Demos

A recorded training about how to effectively host a Connect Pro meeting using Adobe Connect 8.0: 

Adobe Connect Pro - Audio Options


VOIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol) is free to use with a Connect Pro room.  However, all participants will need a headset with attached microphone for this to work correctly.  View this tutorial about setting up your USB headset/mic for use with Connect Pro.

Ideal for:

  • Meetings with a small number of participants (5 or less) that want to speak with each other.
  • Meetings with a large number of participants but the speaker(s) are primarily presenting information.  Questions can be handled in the chat pod and it isn't anticipated that there will be a lot of back-and-forth.

Telephone Conference Call

You can also have an audio-bridge (telephone conference call) built into your room.  If you are recording your meeting, the audio bridge allows the teleconference audio to be integrated with your meeting room recording. There is a per-minute usage fee if you use the bridge.  You must set up a separate account with the teleconference provider if you want this option.  Contact ECTU (541-737-4177) for information on how to do this.

Ideal for:

  • High stakes meetings
  • Meetings that will require all participants to participate heavily in a discussion

Universal Voice  (combination VOIP and telephone bridge)

The current version of Connect Pro (8.2) allows some participants to use the audio bridge (phone) to speak back-and-forth and others to utilize VOIP.  Audio will be two-way for all participants regardless of the method they choose to use.  This significantly reduces the cost of meetings that would otherwise have had all participants on a phone line.  

When using universal voice, the 'room' calls into the conference bridge and re-broadcasts the conference call audio to everyone in the room via VOIP.

Ideal for:

  • Meetings with a large number of participants - some of whom prefer to listen/chat/occasionally speak and others who expect to be heavily involved in a discussion.

For detailed instructions on using any of these options see this document:

How to use the Audio Options in Connect 8.2

PLEASE NOTE: Once you leave the university, you must remove all site-licensed software from your personal computers.  Any valid licenses on your work computers may be transferred to another employee.


Questions?  Email Angela O'Neal, the Software License Coordinator, or call 541-737-3848.