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New Microsoft Office Home Use program

OSU has switched to a new Home Use program that does NOT require 100% work related use, and does NOT require an Index. Instead, authorized users (Staff, Faculty and qualifying Graduate Students) will be able to purchase, download and install Office directly from Microsoft.

How does it work? Faculty, staff, and Graduate Research/Teaching Assistants who are covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement (meaning your department included them in the annual FTE counts) submit a request to the OSU Computer Helpdesk (OCH) at http://oregonstate.edu/is/software/per/microsoft-home-use. OCH staff will confirm that the customer’s department is included under the contract and send an email with an authorization code and link to the Microsoft Home Use Program website.

You then visit the Microsoft Home Use Program website, enter your OSU email address and authorization code, select the Microsoft Office version (PC or Mac) you want to download and add a CD if you want one. Current pricing is $9.99 for Office and an additional $12.99 for the CD. A valid credit card (personal or OSU credit card) is required to complete the purchase.

Once the purchase has been completed the you receive an email from Microsoft with a link to the Home Use Program download site; you log into the Home Use Program download site from the computer Microsoft Office will be installed on, download and install Microsoft Office. A CD, if selected, should arrive within 4-6 weeks.

The link to the request form can also be found on http://my.science.oregonstate.edu/view/software